Bodily Injury

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Bodily Injury

What About Claim Damages for Medical Expense?

Even if they are covered by your health insurance. You can go to your own doctor or one you choose or your lawyer recommends.

What About Claim Damages for Lost Income or Wages?

Even if you receive paid sick leave from your job, you are entitled to these damages – you work hard for these types of benefits and you have the right to be fully compensated for them.

What About Claim Damages for Pain and Suffering?

These damage are related to the nature and extent of your injuries and the amount of medical treatment you receive. There is not a  “formula” that is used to calculate them, because everyone’s injuries and pain are unique.

What About Claim Damages for Other Out-of-Pocket Losses?

You can claim damages for certain  other out-of-pocket losses such as rental cars and mileage to doctor appointments, it depends on the situation.