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As if an accident isn’t stressful enough, now you have to deal with insurance adjusters, body shops, doctors, lawyers, and health insurance companies. It is crucial to know your rights to assure you receive fair treatment and compensation.

Over 30 Years Experience.

Your situation may be a new experience to you, but we’ve been through it many times. We have the answers to your questions and know what action needs to be taken to produce the best possible outcome. Call us today, you’ll be glad you did. 510-262-2120

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

We know that car accidents are stressful enough without having to worry about legal issues.  Let us help you navigate the troubled waters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Repairs

You want to be able to get your car on the road as soon as possible, we understand that, but before you do anything, just take a minute to look at the FAQ section to make sure you make a sound decision and to keep yourself from getting pushed around by the insurance companies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bodily Injury

Accidents are scary and disorientating and if you add bodily injury to the mix it can be a VERY stressful affair.  Donald E. Patterson has been handling bodily injury claims for over three decades.  He can help make sure you can access and exercise ALL of your legal rights.  CLICK HERE FOR FAQ ON BODILY INJURY.

General Questions About Claims

When it comes to car accidents, car repair and bodily injury claims, everyone has questions.  But we have answers.  Take a minute to look at some of the most commonly asked questions an if you can’t find your answers, then just give u a call at 510-262-2120.  Remember the first consultation is always FREE.

A Little About Us

All initial consultations are FREE, and there is never a fee unless Mr. Patterson wins your case! Donald Patterson and his staff provide personal service and attention to every client and caller. When you call the office you will be treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect at all times. Our aim is to make you as comfortable as possible in your current situation whatever that may be. Donald Patterson has focused his practice on personal injury law and the rights of consumers for over 30 years. Most of his business comes from referrals from satisfied clients, other attorneys, and medical professionals. All cases are taken on a CONTINGENCY FEE basis, meaning there is no fee whatsoever unless Mr. Patterson wins your case, and the fee is always a percentage of the outcome. The client NEVER pays an up-front or hourly fee. Call today for a free initial appointment.

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